Welcome to an era of frictionless onboarding experience.

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) has long been a costly and inconvenient process for many businesses to securely and smoothly enroll their customers. With the advancement of new technologies such as document and identity verification, Digitech one has developed a platform to ensure that businesses can now onboard their customers smoothly with a strong level of document and identity verification, managed in one single pane.

e-kyc strong


Create digital ID for customers to enable future services

In the digital transformation era, many organizations seek to become a One-Stop-Service or marketplace. Connectedness, secure and seamless integration is the most vital in connecting your customers to services in your ecosystem. We follow the international guideline such as NIST SP 800-63 Digital Identity Guidelines and ETDA’s Digital Identity Guideline for Thailand.

Achieve Stronger Customer Authentication (SCA)

Getting the security right is the foundation for online transaction and trusted services, especially when it comes to payment and money related services. PSD2 regulations in Europe, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will be a requirement as of September 14, 2019. SCA relies on implmenting two out of three of the following factors independently: Knowledge (something only the user knows, e.g. password or PIN) Possession (something only the user possesses, e.g. mobile phone or ID card) Inherence (something the user is, e.g. fingerprint or facial recognition)

Why Digitech One

Advanced biometric technology
Our face recognition technology uses Deep Learning technology that is tested and recognized in the Ongoing test of NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology, which tested the algorithms based on accuracy and efficiency with world’s leading banks and public safety as customers.

Flexible deployment model

For smaller organizations that need to onboarding their customers securely. We provide e-KYC APIs securely on demand.
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